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When I Find Myself In Times of Trouble

This is an unusually difficult time in the lives of myself and my husband – not between us – thank God, but in his work life, which is causing us enormous amounts of angst.

So, my go-to always is create. Yesterday I made a couple of pincushions and today I illustrated my version of a flower. And later I’m going to work on a new quilt.

I can feel my stress levels going down and my blood pressure drop and my stomach settle.

There is a reason that people say that ART SAVES. It’s because it does. Seriously. Crochet and sewing have quite literally saved my life before and I feel it at work again. Bless you, art, for coming to my rescue once again.


Graphic Design


One of my very first projects as a designer was to create an eBook for artist, Kelly Rae Roberts. It was six years ago last week that I completed it. It’s amazing to me how time flies. In the time that followed, I’ve created a ton more eBooks for other artists and much more design work; logos, websites, ads, banners, signage, book covers, you name it, I’ve probably designed it. I’m so grateful for these roots that have brought me to where I am today doing surface pattern design.

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