Sticky Mess

I found myself in a sticky mess this morning. I was ironing a super cute apron that I got in a Brave Box from {Brave Living} Brave Girls Club this morning, because I wanted to add some embroidery to it. And I realized that the wording was an iron on and I probably shouldn’t do that. So, I pulled out my pressing cloth, which I realized after I began pressing, had Wonder Under stuck to it. As you might imagine, it transferred to the apron.

I Googled how to get it to clean up and didn’t find much, quickly, which I found weird. What I found was the question on a site, which you had to be a member of to find out the answer. However, one lady – sly like a fox – or not realizing, put the answer in her comment! So, I wanted to share it here.

If you have Wonder Under or some like product stuck to something, the path to removal is covering it with a damp cloth and hot ironing it. It actually hurts my brain to think about it…”Won’t I be setting the Wonder Under for all time???” Well, no. You won’t. I ironed and scraped a little and wet the cloth again and ironed some more. It just came right up. I have no answer for it.

It appears to have transferred onto the cloth, so you may not want to use an Anna Maria Horner True Colors fat quarter like I did, but I will say, she worked like a dream! Hope this helps!


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